02 June 2017

Melbourne Street Art 2017

Last week I was in Melbourne and for the fourth year in a row I checked out the street art. AC/DC Lane had changed again (see here what it looked like in 2016, and here in 2015) - and again it looked really good. Around the corner in Duckboard Place was some more great art:

Another photographer pointed out this parachuting rat to me - one of the few remaining Banksy works in Melbourne. Can't believe I never knew it was there before!

The large mural by Fintan Magee is still there:

As is the Melbourne mural by Steen Jones:

Hosier Lane had some nice work, but there was a lot of tagging over it...

The ground looked good too:

And the beautiful mural by Adnate is still there:

In St Kilda I saw this fun mural by Dvate:

And on the bus I spotted this mural in Collingwood - also by Adnate, my favourite street artist:

Sadly there was no time to explore further in Collingwood and Fitzroy - maybe next year!

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