29 May 2016

Melbourne Street Art 2016

Last week I was in Melbourne, and for the third year in a row I went looking for street art. In Brighton I saw the amazing installation above, created by Redlight Studio.

Hosier Lane in Melbourne City is the laneway that is most famous for its street art, but I found it far less impressive than last year (see here, first 4 photos). The coffee was very good though!

The art in AC/DC Lane had changed completely (see here what it looked like  a year ago, photos 5-8) but I thought it looked great:

Next I went to Union Lane, which had some nice paintings:

And then to Croft Alley, where I had not been before:

And there I found some fabulous art!

When I was in Richmond I was happy to see this large mural still intact - I first spotted it in 2014 (see here, photos 6-8).

On my first day in Melbourne I spotted this mural on Francis Street from the hotel transfer bus. On my last day I went back to take some photos.

In the alley I found some more impressive work:

And on the other side of the street I discovered this:

Last but not least, here is a pic of the ground in one of the laneways:

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Moon said...

Wauw, dat is echt mooi! Vind de foto van AC/DC Lane (moet nog zien gebeuren dat ze een straat hier zo noemen ;)met die jongeman met bloemen echt top!