18 June 2010

Not for lefties

This is one of the computers at the University of Queensland library in Herston, where I work on my PhD thesis every Friday.
I am lefthanded and always put the mouse at the left side of the keyboard. Usually that isn't a problem, but these keyboards have the mouse attached to the far right, with a very small cord.
VERY annoying!


darcey said...

Hi Linda. I was in my 40s when I found out I was born lefthanded and my mom 'corrected' me every time I used my left hand when I was little. Interesting. My sister was also born left handed, and was also corrected. Your computer photo jst reminded me.
Have a good day.

Rebekka van said...

Maar die muis zit toch met een USB vast? Die kun je er gewoon uithalen en aan de linkerkant in de USB stoppen. Probleem opgelost :D