28 May 2010

Funky flower

I have looked at every photo in our plant book, but can't find the name of this plant. Doesn't it look funky though!

PS Within two hours of posting this I have learned that it is a Grevillea (probably a G. Banksii) - thanks Annette and Kate!


Annette said...

Hi Linda,
I am loving your 'A Photo, A Day'.
This shrub is a grevillia - they come in many, many colours and are a great Australian plant!

Kate said...

Linda - it's definitely a grevillea (don't know spelling) - one of my absolutely favourite plants - attracts beautiful birds and is so easy care - just a lovely plant. BTW am really loving your photos!!

Kieny The Dutchlady said...

Als je de foto op Flickr zet in de groep "Unidentified flowers and plants" krijg je meestal zeer snel een antwoord. Er zitten daar verscheidene mensen die veel weten van planten en bloemen.